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Issue #9 resolved
cryzed created an issue

I had noticed this months ago, but thought I just missed it; however now I checked again and I still can't seem to find pkgbrowser's repository. The list of commits only contains a single commit dated 2013 and the repository seems completely empty, besides the readme. Is there a reason you are only manually uploading the release files instead of actually pushing changes to the repository here? I also checked (presumably) your GitHub account, thinking that you might have migrated most of your code there, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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  1. kachelaqa repo owner

    I only use bitbucket for hosting. There is no need for a DVCS because this is just a personal project.

  2. kachelaqa repo owner

    It still is a personal project, and it always will be. I know it sounds harsh, but it really makes no difference to me how many people use it. I originally made it publicly available because I knew there was at least one other person who wanted something similar, and it was a way for me to contribute something to the arch-linux community. However, pkgbrowser is very much an application tailored to my own needs, which I then make available to others as an AUR package. If I didn't use it myself, the project would cease to exist, and someone would have to fork the code and start a new project.

    The project does have a proper repository - but it's not public. Although I welcome all bug reports and feature requests, I don't usually accept patches. My primary motivation for continuing with the project is that it provides an extended learning exercise that helps me understand how pacman/libalpm works. So I want to write all the code myself from scratch (even if it means I'm just re-inventing the wheel). A DVCS is therefore redundant as far as I am concerned. The source code is still freely available to everyone as a tarball.

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