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kardio is a web application for management of a cardiology departement' patients. It is built with Python using the Django Web Framework.

This project has the following basic apps: - malades : for recording medical reports - interventions: for reporting several interventions (angioplasty, pacing...)


Quick start

To set up a development environment quickly, first install Python 3. It comes with virtualenv built-in. So create a virtual env by:

1. `$ python3 -m venv kardio`
2. `$ . kardio/bin/activate`
3. cd kardio
4. git clone

Install all dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Finally run the project

cd src
cp kardio/settings/local.sample.env kardio/settings/local.env 
python migrate


Besides the python required packages, kardio depends on XeTeX that supports well unicode.


  • Fixed

fixing permissions using django-braces

  • using reportlab for report creation as a drop in replacement for \LaTeX .
  • Creating a dashboard for monitoring rooms .


Arun Ravindran for his django template (edge).