This package contains tools for working with Chromium development.

The "gclient" wrapper knows how to keep this repository updated to
the latest versions of these tools as found at:

This package contains:

    Creates a scheduled task to do an automatic local chromium build every day.
    A copy of our linting tool which enforces Google style. Fetched from

    A tool for uploading and managing code reviews on the Chromium
    project, using the Rietveld code review tool.  More info at:

    A script for managing a workspace with modular dependencies that
    are each checked out independently from different repositories.
    More info at:

    A wrapper script for building Chromium with the SCons software
    construction tool.  More info at:

Note: svn and python will be installed automatically if not accessible (on
Windows only).

To update this distribution manually, run .\update_depot_tools.bat on Windows,
or ./update_depot_tools on Linux or Mac.

To disable automatic updating, set the environment variable DEPOT_TOOLS_UPDATE=0