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Serviio-WebUI / History

Download the version of WebUI corresponding to your Serviio installation :

Serviio versionWebui versionNotes
1.0 - win or unixAdd JS & CSS versionning.
1.0 - win or unixFix accessGroupIds and licence display.
1.0 - win or unixSupport Serviio 1.0.1 features and Serviidb.
0.6.1 - win or unixWin service with no limitation.
0.6.1 - win or unixWin service. New icon set. Better Performance.
0.6.1 - 0.6.2webui 0.6.2-dNew mobile edition. Fix & update JS & CSS.
0.6.1 - 0.6.2webui 0.6.2-cFix wrapper (stopping issue).
0.6.1 - 0.6.2webui 0.6.2-bNew theme and CSS. Fix many bugs/enhancements.
0.6.1 - 0.6.2webui 0.6.2-aRecompile wrapper to java6.
0.6.1 - 0.6.2webui 0.6.1-aUpdate to Serviio 0.6.1. Add tabs and disabling input. Fix UTF-8 support. Improve js performance.
0.6 - 0.6-eFix navigation issues on Windows and Linux.
0.6 - 0.6-dAdd i18n javascript support. Fix UTF-8 pages; path addition for linux; tables alignment.
0.6 - 0.6-cUpdate i18n. Add disabling of inputs (same as console).
0.6 - 0.6-bFix linux scripts. Add readme file.
0.6 - 0.6-aSupports online feeds. Add wrapping mode. Move libs to plugins dir.
0.5.2webui 0.5.2-aFirst version, including Serviio patching for json support. Add CSS customization.

See Changelog for release notes.