CodinGame IDEA Editor


CodinGame IDEA Editor allows you to edit code, execute particular test case and see result directly in Intellij IDEA. Unfortunately there is not enough API to implement full functionality, e.g. run particular test or get result, so I use dirty hack to get it and there is no guarantee that it will work in the future (and now).

To communicate between Chrome and IDE used Secure WebSocket (because site works through HTTPS) and for correct work you need install self signed certificate for "localhost".

Developer Preview

This release is a developer preview. Feel free create issue and pull request.


  • Intellij IDEA 14 (with JRE >=1.8)
  • Browser Chrome

Getting Started

  1. Download and install self signed certificate.cert for localhost into Trusted Root Certificates.

    How to install certificate:

  2. Install chrome extension CodinGame IDEA Editor from Google WebStore

  3. Install IDEA plugin

  4. Lunch IDEA, open any project or create new empty project.


  5. Lunch in Chrome, go to puzzles, choose any one and wait until it loaded


  6. Ensure that extension CGedit connected to IDEA.


  7. Back to IDEA. There should be opened file with code from site's IDE.


  8. Now you can edit, run and get result in IDEA. Enjoy!