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+Contributing to nose
+You'd like to contribute to nose? Great! Now that nose is hosted under
+`Mercurial <>`__, contributing is even easier.
+Get the code!
+Start by getting a local working copy of nose.
+.. code-block:: none
+   hg clone FIXME FIXME FIXME
+Next, if you plan to push changes back to the core repository, you
+should set up a public repository of your own somewhere. `Bitbucket
+<>`__ is one good place to do that. Once you've
+set up your bitbucket nose repository, pull from your working copy of
+nose core, and push to bitbucket. That (with occasional merging) will
+be your normal practice for keeping your repository up to date.
+Join the `nose developer list
+<>`__ at google groups. It's
+low-traffic and mostly signal.
+What to work on?
+You can find a list of open issues at nose's `google code repository
+<>`__. If you'd like to
+work on an issue, leave a comment on the issue detailing how you plan
+to fix it, and where to find the Mercurial repository where you will
+publish your changes.
+Actually, I want to work on the python 3.0 version
+The python 3.0 version of nose, nose3, is hosted at bitbucket. You can
+clone the repository from here::
+  hg clone
+If you plan to contribute changes back, you should fork the repository
+on bitbucket.
+Issues affecting nose3 should likewise be reported at the bitbucket
+site, not at google code.
+nose3 hosting may move to google code at some future date, when or if google
+code supports bitbucket-style forking.
+I have a great idea for a plugin...
+Great! :doc:`Write it <plugins/writing>`. Release it on `pypi
+<>`__. If it gains a large following, and
+becomes stable enough to work with nose's 6+ month release cycles, it
+may be a good candidate for inclusion in nose's builtin plugins.


 .. code-block:: none
-   svn co nose
+   hg clone FIXME FIXME FIXME
    :maxdepth: 2
-   api
+   api
+   contributing