nose / doc / usage.rst

Basic usage

Use the nosetests script (after installation by setuptools):

nosetests [options] [(optional) test files or directories]

In addition to passing command-line options, you may also put configuration options in a .noserc or nose.cfg file in your home directory. These are standard .ini-style config files. Put your nosetests configuration in a [nosetests] section, with the -- prefix removed:


There are several other ways to use the nose test runner besides the nosetests script. You may use nose in a test script:

import nose

If you don't want the test script to exit with 0 on success and 1 on failure (like unittest.main), use instead:

import nose
result =

result will be true if the test run succeeded, or false if any test failed or raised an uncaught exception. Lastly, you can run nose.core directly, which will run nose.main():

python /path/to/nose/

Please see the usage message for the nosetests script for information about how to control which tests nose runs, which plugins are loaded, and the test output.

Extended usage