Jason R. Coombs  committed 798ec15

For compatibility, the standard StringIO should be adequate

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File keyring/

 import ConfigParser
 import base64
 import json
+import StringIO
 from keyring.util.escape import escape as escape_for_ini
 import keyring.util.escape
     def abstractproperty(funcobj):
         return property(funcobj)
-    from cStringIO import StringIO
-except ImportError:
-    from StringIO import StringIO
 class PasswordSetError(Exception):
     """Raised when the password can't be set.
         cipher = self._create_cipher(keyring_password, salt, IV)
-        config_file = StringIO(cipher.decrypt(data))
+        config_file = StringIO.StringIO(cipher.decrypt(data))
         config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()