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-.. -*- restructuredtext -*-
 Installing and Using Python Keyring Lib
 Running Tests
-In order to run the tests, you need a buildout environment. Here are the
+In order to be able to run the tests of the project you first have to bootstrap it. In order
+to do this you can do the following:
-1. ``python buildout/`` # bootstrap buildout (do this once)
-2. ``bin/buildout``                 # initialize the buildout
-3. ``bin/test``                     # execute the test runner.
+    1. python bootstrap # generate the buildbot
+    2. bin/buildbot # run the builbot it self.
+    3. bin/test # execute the test runner.
-For more information about the options that the script provides, execute::
+For more information about the options that the script provides do execute
-    python bin/test --help
+> python bin/test --help
+If this is the first time you are using a buildbot you can get the bootstrap script
+the following way:
+> svn cat svn:// > /tmp/bootstrap
+And from that point you can use the following as step 1:
+> python /tmp/bootstrap