Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed 949031b

Bumped to 1.1 in preparation for next release.

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 except Exception:
-VERSION = '1.0'
+VERSION = '1.1'
 def get_next_version():
 	digits = map(int, VERSION.split('.'))
 	base = 'https://api.bitbucket.org'
 	for type in 'milestones', 'versions':
-		url = (base + '/1.0/repositories/{repo}/issues/{type}'
+		url = (base + '/1.1/repositories/{repo}/issues/{type}'
 			.format(repo = get_repo_name(), type=type))
 		req = urllib2.Request(url = url, headers = headers,
 setup_params = dict(
     name = 'keyring',
-    version = "1.0",
+    version = "1.1",
     description = "Store and access your passwords safely.",
     url = "http://bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib",
     keywords = "keyring Keychain GnomeKeyring Kwallet password storage",
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