Added KWallet folders functionality and allow passing application name

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pass_aplication_name (217ecc051e67)
Python Keyring Lib
  1. Maciej Sitarz

KWallet uses spearate folder for each application using it, so I refactored the code to use that functionality instead of "@ service" appended to username.

Additionally I added functionality to pass application name to the functions. When KWallet asks the user for password to wallet it shows the application name which asks for it.

This pull request fixes issue #36

Comments (10)

  1. Jonathan Ballet

    As far as I'm concerned, fixing #36 only requires to change the folder name to something more appropriate (and doing a migration script if needed).

    Allowing to set an "application name" is probably useful, if it can be implemented in most backends, although I think it would probably be less restrictive to be able to set a "comment" or "detail" on a specific password instead.

    1. Maciej Sitarz author

      Jonathan you're right, issue #36 is not connected with setting "application name". I can post a separate pull request for the folder name.

      But I not agree that only folder name should be changed. I think we should use KWallet's folder functionality appropriately, each app in it's own folder and without "@ service" suffix.

      About the "application name" I'm not sure how other keyrings handle it but KWallet shows a prompt saying which application asks for the access. When you see the app name your know that it's you(or not) that caused it. It gives a little bit of certainty for the user, he knows whom he gives access.

      Gnome also seems to show the application name on it's UI prompt.

  2. Jason R. Coombs

    Regarding backward compatibility - I'm inclined to say let's keep backward compatibility using option 2 or 3. I agree, option 3 sounds messy, so let's go with option 2. Even if we just have that for a short-lived interim release before breaking backward compatibility, it gives most users a much smoother transition.