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#48 Declined

added a backend for pass

  1. jagguli

Created a backend for pass


Comments (3)

  1. Dmitry Shachnev

    Thanks for your pull request.

    • Do not set stdout=PIPE if you don't read from there.
    • Please add priority class method (like in other backends), that will (at least) check if pass exists.
    • Please remove the test code in the end of file. We have a testsuite for this sort of things.
  2. Jason R. Coombs

    I'm slightly reluctant to accept new keyring backend implementations. I'd like to work toward a model that provides a few preferred backends, but exposes a plugin API for third-party implementations.

    Did you know that you could create a third-party library that could be used by keyring? Specifically, the docstring at https://bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib/src/8aadf61db38c70a5fe76fbe013df25fa62c03a8d/keyring/core.py?at=default#cl-128 describes how one could go about creating a library for such.

    I do like the 'Pass' concept, and it does appear a promising candidate as a cross-platform password store. Do you have any references that show how popular it might be compared to other password managers?

  3. jagguli author

    Ah cool I was looking for something like that, thanks.

    Yes so far I've found pass to be good in practice, only missing a android and windows implmentation at the moment, else i'd completely replace keepassx which i'm using currently. I wonder if they will ever support windows though?