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Pykeyring Delete Password
Python Keyring Lib

Pykeyring with delete methods

  1. Manuel de la Pena

I have been using the pykeyring library in the port for Ubuntu One on Windows. One of the additions I made to the library in this fork was the feature to be able to delete a password from the keyring.

I think that other developer will find this addition to be useful. I have also fixed a number of pep8 issues present in the code to try and be consistent with the style that is recommended to be used in python.

Comments (3)

    1. Manuel de la Pena author

      I'm terribly sorry I did not ran the tests. I'll make sure fix that today.. my bad (I merged from our code I did not even check).

      I'll also make sure that the cli does have the command :)

  1. Jonathan Ballet

    I still have some test failures:

    Ran 58 tests with 2 failures and 6 errors and 22 skipped in 6.333 seconds. Tearing down left over layers: Tear down zope.testrunner.layer.UnitTests in 0.000 seconds.

    Tests with errors: test_get_unexistent_password (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_load_builtin_backend (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_load_specific_backend_with_path (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_load_wrong_keyrings (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_set_and_get_password (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_wrong_arguments (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase)

    Tests with failures: test_different_user (keyring.tests.test_backend.GnomeKeyringTestCase) test_delete_password_not_present (keyring.tests.test_core.CoreTestCase)

    I send you the whole output, if you want to have a look.

    Also, I have nothing against PEP8, but next time, can you do it as a separate patch: since it has nothing to do with this pull request, it would have been much much easier to review this request and the PEP8 pull request after :)