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#8 Merged
Pykeyring Delete Password
Python Keyring Lib

Pykeyring with delete methods

  1. Manuel de la Pena

I have been using the pykeyring library in the port for Ubuntu One on Windows. One of the additions I made to the library in this fork was the feature to be able to delete a password from the keyring.

I think that other developer will find this addition to be useful. I have also fixed a number of pep8 issues present in the code to try and be consistent with the style that is recommended to be used in python.

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Comments (3)

    1. Manuel de la Pena author

      I'm terribly sorry I did not ran the tests. I'll make sure fix that today.. my bad (I merged from our code I did not even check).

      I'll also make sure that the cli does have the command :)

  1. Jonathan Ballet

    I still have some test failures:

    Ran 58 tests with 2 failures and 6 errors and 22 skipped in 6.333 seconds. Tearing down left over layers: Tear down zope.testrunner.layer.UnitTests in 0.000 seconds.

    Tests with errors: test_get_unexistent_password (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_load_builtin_backend (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_load_specific_backend_with_path (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_load_wrong_keyrings (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_set_and_get_password (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase) test_wrong_arguments (keyring.tests.test_cli.CommandLineTestCase)

    Tests with failures: test_different_user (keyring.tests.test_backend.GnomeKeyringTestCase) test_delete_password_not_present (keyring.tests.test_core.CoreTestCase)

    I send you the whole output, if you want to have a look.

    Also, I have nothing against PEP8, but next time, can you do it as a separate patch: since it has nothing to do with this pull request, it would have been much much easier to review this request and the PEP8 pull request after :)