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+Account Dunning Module
+The dunning module assists you with creating configurable reminder letters for
+unreconciled and overdue receivables. This can be achieved by periodically
+doing a dunning run after which a report with all items that changed their
+dunning state is created. In addition you can re-print them later.
+The entries considered during the dunning process are move lines.
+Dunning Procedure
+The dunning procedure controls the way reminder letters are created during
+dunning runs. The dunning procedure can be assigned on a per customer or
+per moves line basis.
+Dunning Level
+Every dunning procedure consists of multiple dunning levels. During each
+dunning run receivables advance to the next dunning level if the number of days
+since the maturity date is bigger than the number days specified for that
+dunning level.
+This model lets you keep track of the current dunning level of a receivable
+and all the past level advancements made during a dunning run.
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