This application is NOT usable yet, still in early stage of development .

Experimental remote monitoring and control system for Arduinos/Hydroponics/Repraps/Repstraps/3d scanners. Also, it will be the "parent" of both the Hydroduino and Doboz-web projects It includes a Web client (using Javascript + Jquery ) and server (pure Python, Twisted based ):

done. If you are curious about the workings and the project, best look around the code/ the various commits

UPDATE: 04/17/2011 -The project now comes with buidout scripts for easier deployment : no need to have the dependencies installed: here is how you can setup and run Pollapli using buildout: -check out the code from github in command line : - navigate to the directory you just checked out the code into - type python (Optionally you can do pythonVERSIONNUM : ie i use python2.6 - type buildout/buildout : here you will see buildout getting all the project dependencies and setting up an isolated python environment DONE! To run the project , just type , at the same place: buildout/Pollapli

In general:

Depencies: * Python 2.6/2.7 (not Python 3.0 compatible for now) * Twisted >= 11.0.0 * pySerial * python Louie

Optionnal: * PsUtil: for server stats * pygst : for webcam support * to generate docs, sphinx and all its dependencies are required

For more info please see the wiki pages at