dicom-xnat is the parent project for bridging between the DICOM and XNAT data models.

Project Description
dicom-xnat-mx translates metadata from a DICOM study into an XNAT experiment
dicom-xnat-sop defines the relationship between DICOM SOPs and the XNAT data model
dicom-xnat-util contains utility functions for DICOM data


The JUnit tests use the NRG sample1 dataset. Download and unpack the data, then gzip the individual files:

$ cd /path/to/data
$ wget http://nrg.wustl.edu/projects/DICOM/sample1.zip
$ unzip ~/Downloads/sample1.zip
$ gzip --best sample1/*.dcm

Specify the data directory at build time:

$ mvn clean package -DargLine=-Dsample.data.dir=/path/to/data/sample1