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assigment value should be evaluated on pre-modification object

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-  <version>2.1.1</version>
+  <version>2.1.2</version>
   <description>Language for modifying DICOM metadata</description>
+  <distributionManagement>
+    <repository>
+      <id>XNAT Server</id>
+      <name>XNAT Maven Library Release</name>
+      <url></url>
+    </repository>
+  </distributionManagement>


      * (non-Javadoc)
      * @see org.nrg.dcm.edit.Operation#makeAction(
-    public Action makeAction(final DicomObject o) throws AttributeException {
+    public Action makeAction(final DicomObject o) throws ScriptEvaluationException {
+        final String v = value.on(o);
         return new Action() {
             public void apply() throws ScriptEvaluationException {
                 try {
-                    o.putString(new int[]{tag}, o.vrOf(tag), value.on(o));
+                    o.putString(new int[]{tag}, o.vrOf(tag), v);
                 } catch (UnsupportedOperationException e) {
                     throw new ScriptEvaluationException("Unable to set attribute "
-                            + TagUtils.toString(tag) + " to \"" + value.on(o) + "\"", e);
+                            + TagUtils.toString(tag) + " to \"" + v + "\"", e);


      * @return
      * @throws AttributeException
-    Action makeAction(DicomObject o) throws AttributeException;
+    Action makeAction(DicomObject o) throws AttributeException,ScriptEvaluationException;
      * Compute the value that results from applying this Operation to
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