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Rick Herrick
XNAT-2128: Added extra message to be displayed when overwrite operation is permitted by configuration.
Rick Herrick
XNAT-2090: Added case without overwrite option. Added support for parameterizing allowing overwrite option, but function defaults to false.
Kevin A. Archie
fix XNAT-1962 by unifying DicomEdit variables across scripts
Rick Herrick
XNAT-1591: Added warning when session label replicates a label that already exists in the project. Some other minor clean-up and fix of issue where Swing auth dialog didn't work.> verbose= True
Fixed - bug where large ECAT files would fail (almost silently) due to OutOfMemory
Evan Haas
XNAT-1696 (Upload Applet and scheduled sessionXmlRebuilderJob)
Evan Haas
XNAT-1641, Part III (add support for NM/SR modalities in Upload Applet)> verbose= True
Handles time zone for ECAT uploads and distinguishes DICOM series by series> verbose= True
Updated message to mention time when uploading scans that don't match the passed
Kevin A. Archie
send ECAT sessions to prearchive (via importer), not archive> verbose= True
Added the scan time to the session summary section.> verbose= True
Merge> verbose= True
The "close" button on the summary page would close the window. Aligned it to work
Kevin A. Archie
Fix handling of config-based anon scripts> verbose= True
Surpress "set session identifiers" when none are to be set. Cancel button no> verbose= True
Upload applet no longer lives in a popup. Updated final message.> verbose= True
Removed PET Tracer from applet.> verbose= True
Image Upload Workflow - final changes. The applet can now accept site-wide or
Rick Herrick
Updated to 1.6.2-SNAPSHOT. Updated DicomEdit dependency to 3.0.0.> verbose= True
First half of changes that affect image upload workflow regarding which windows
Kevin A. Archie
use DicomEdit 3.0.0> verbose= True
XNAT-1578 - I committed debug statements in the previous commit. This removes them.> verbose= True
XNAT-1578 - new feature to reject sessions who's date/time is greater than one
Evan Haas
update to version 1.6.1
Rick Herrick
Changed display message at upload completion. Fixed weirdness with date display.
Evan Haas
XNAT-1227 (Make XNAT session management compatible with Tomcat 7 HttpOnly cookie restrictions)
Evan Haas
M2E should ignore goals it doesn't support> verbose= True
Fix for XNAT-1528 Selecting cancel when finding session data seems to do nothing> verbose= True
Fix for XNAT-1527 Closing text is misleading or inaccurate.> verbose= True
Fix for XNAT-1514 Upload Applet Requests Authorization.
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