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Upload applet no longer lives in a popup. Updated final message.

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File src/main/java/org/nrg/upload/ui/UploadResultPanel.java

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         final JLabel link = new JLabel(Messages.getMessage(Messages.UPLOADRESULTPANEL_DEST_LINK, url, label));
         if (null != context) {
-            final JSEval eval = new JSEval(context, String.format("this.open(\"%s&popup=true\",'%s');", url, windowName));
+            final JSEval eval = new JSEval(context, String.format("this.open(\"%s\",'%s');", url, windowName));
             link.addMouseListener(new MouseClickTriggeredCallable(eval));
         } else {
             UIUtils.handleAppletInput(this, Messages.getMessage(Messages.ERROR_MSG_NOURLSUPPORT), Messages.getMessage(Messages.ERROR_TITLE_NOURLSUPPORT), JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE, url.toString());

File src/main/resources/org/nrg/upload/Messages.properties

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 default.title.input=Enter a value
-uploadresultpanel.success=<html><p>The scan session was successfully uploaded to the system %s.</p></html>
-uploadresultpanel.dest.link=<html><p><a href="%s" target="applet">Click here to continue reviewing %s.</a></p></html>
+uploadresultpanel.success=<html><p>The scan session was successfully uploaded to the system.</p></html>
+uploadresultpanel.dest.link=<html><p><a href="%s" target="applet">Click here to finish archiving the data.</a></p></html>
 error.title.nourlsupport=No URL Support
 error.msg.nourlsupport=Your system has no support for opening a URL in a web browser from a Java applet. You can copy and paste the URL below directly into a browser to view the uploaded session.