1. Karl Bartel
  2. Black-Box


Black-Box / NEWS

Version 1.4.8
    -Updated autotools files
    -Updated acinclude.m4 (for SDL)
    -Applied patch by Javier Serrano Polo:
        * Remove compilation warnings
        * Fix buffer overflows
        * Erase previous level text
        * Fix level command option
        * Reuse path calculation function
        * Avoid repeated crystal generation
        * Fix window title

Version 1.4.7
    -removed SDL_mixer and SDL_image code and 
	added them as external dependencies
    -updated SFont

Version 1.4.6
    -new configure.guess

Version 1.4.5
    -new aclocal file (fixes problems on arm)

Version 1.4.4
    -aclocal and automake didn't work together!

Version 1.4.3
    -really works with newer automake version

Version 1.4.2
    -works with newer automake version
    -increased music quality to 44khz

Version 1.4.1
    -added SDL>=1.1.5 check in configure-in
    -fixed the level# reader
    -new won pic
    -new URL

Version 1.4
    -version number is not hard-coded anymore
    -updated to SDL>=1.1.5
    -levelnum is shown even in fullscreen mode
    -added short parameters
    -added parameter help

Version 1.31
    -fixed a bug in make install

Version 1.3
    -renamed to black-box
    -blackbox can be started with a specified level number

Version 1.2
    -configure uses sdl-config correctly
    -uses SFont -> can now be compiled on big-endian machines

Version 1.1
    -some bug fixes and small changes.
    -added startup output
    -added mail and web address to the help menu
    -removed some compiler warnings
    -added music
    -added support for automake,autoconf and make install
    -better directory structure
    -changed OK button to GIVE UP button and detect winning automatically
    -changing the difficulty generates a new fiel automatically