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I am considering using TFS Comments with a group of co-workers. I installed the extension and it gave the extra functionality i need but it slows down visual studio.

We have a solution with 85 projects, and at some times i have about 10 code reviews open with multiple comments per review.

It's quite slow in reloading the tfs comments and it crashed visual studio at one point.

Kind regards, Klaas Speijer

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  1. Roman Anonym


    I'm pretty much like that. Big project, I open My Work, just click (focus) on item in Code Review Comments and VS is using 100% CPU.

  2. Vik Donbother repo owner

    The extension does not do anything on a single click (focus). Is it possible that it is conflicting with some other extension? Can you open experimental instance of VS with just TFS Comments (devenv.exe" /RootSuffix TFSCommentsTest)?

    I understand that it might freeze VS on comments Refresh. The Refresh is partially asynchronous, I'll make it fully async in a near future. Although it is not possible to decrease the amount of communication with TFS server, which is the root cause of slowness for big projects.

  3. Vik Donbother repo owner

    I am unable to reproduce this issue. Recently I implemented asynchronous loading in VS2017-2019. Please give it a try.

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