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Mike Orr  committed 5de7bac

Deprecate webhelpers.pylonslib.grid (migrate to webhelpers.html.grid).
Add Pyramid suggestions to webhelpers.pylonslib.* docstrings.

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   - Adjust test in 'test_date.py' to account for leap years. (#61, reported
     by Andrey Rahmatullin / wrar)
-* webhelpers.html.grid:
+* webhelpers.html.grid, webhelpers.pylonslib.grid:
    - Add 'request' and 'url_generator' args to support paged display,
-     following the latest Paginate precedent.
+     following the latest Paginate precedent. (webhelpers.html.grid only)
+   - Deprecate webhelpers.pylonslib.grid. It may be removed in a future
+     version.
 * webhelpers.paginate:

File webhelpers/pylonslib/flash.py

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 THE IMPLEMENTATION DEPENDS ON PYLONS.  However, it can easily be adapted
 for another web framework.
+PYRAMID USERS: use the flash methods built into Pyramid's ``Session`` object.
+This implementation is incompatible with Pyramid.
 A typical Pylons application instantiates a ``Flash`` object in 

File webhelpers/pylonslib/grid.py

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-**This module is experimental. API changes are expected in the next version.
-If your application depends on the current API, please copy the module into
-your application.**
+This module is DEPRECATED. Please use ``webhelpers.html.grid`` in new
+applications. Support for paged grids has been added to that module in a
+framework-neutral way.
+PYRAMID USERS: This implementation is incompatible with Pyramid. Use
+``webhelpers.html.grid`` instead.
 from webhelpers.html.builder import HTML, literal
 import webhelpers.html.grid as grid
+from webhelpers.misc import deprecate
 class NoRequestError(Exception):
     def __init__(self, request, *args, **kw):
+        deprecate("please migrate to webhelpers.html.grid")
         self.request = request
         super(PylonsGrid, self).__init__(*args, **kw)

File webhelpers/pylonslib/minify.py

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 built-in "_jsmin" package due to licensing issues; details in 
 webhelpers/pylonslib/_jsmin.py .)
+PYRAMID USERS: this implementation is incompatible with Pyramid. No
+Pyramid-compatible implementation is currently known.
 Contributed by Pedro Algarvio and Domen Kozar <ufs@ufsoft.org>.
 URL: http://docs.fubar.si/minwebhelpers/

File webhelpers/pylonslib/secure_form.py

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 Generates form tags that include client-specific authorization tokens to be
 verified by the destined web app.
+PYRAMID USERS: Use the csrf_token methods built into Pyramid's ``Session``
+object.  This implementation is incompatible with Pyramid.
 Authorization tokens are stored in the client's session. The web app can then
 verify the request's submitted authorization token with the value in the
 client's session.
 Pylons provides an ``authenticate_form`` decorator that does this verification
 on the behalf of controllers.
-These helpers depend on Pylons' ``session`` object.  Most of them can be easily 
+These helpers depend on Pylons' ``session`` object.  Most of them can be easily
 ported to another framework by changing the API calls.
 The helpers are implemented in such a way that it should be easy to create your