Technologies: Boo, Unity

Status: WIP

This project is a prototype for a platform/action game, it showcases the movement of a player using rigid bodies rather than the more common character controller. The idea is that the player is a piece of paper and glides over surfaces.

This is the first Unity prototype I started.

What works

Its a very early prototype, movement is implemented relative to the camera, jumping and some simple camera movements.

The objective

Its a prototype for a third person action platformer starring paper scraps and water bottles, this particular demo is to get the hang of how to move a character with real physics.

More Information

The player uses a a modified third person controller that moves relative to the camera an turns towards the movement vector. It uses Rigid Body instead of a Character Controller so it can follow slopes and fall off ledges in a realistic way, it can also detect if its upside down and correct itself.

The camera follows the player from a fixed distance but on the horizontal axis it will allow a certain margin rather than keeping the player always centered.

Finally, the scene was composed with some lights and shadows and since its supposed to be a scrap of paper a tilt shift effect was used to spice things up. Here is an screenshot.

My participation

I did all the coding, the assets are from unity's standard assets.

What is broken

Movement can be a bit wonky at times and have to adjust the speed when going uphill, right now the gravity makes it go slower.