Technologies: Python, Flask

Status: Complete, No longer maintained.

A simple self contained search engine using Flask and SQlite.

What works

You can launch the program, point your browser to localhost and search in the included database.

The objective

This was an assignment for a data mining class in my master's degree. It showcases how to do a classic search by using a database of word frequencies in several documents.

More Information

It uses a simple database of words, location and frequency. The search engine aggregates the frequencies and shows those locations with a higher score.

The backend was designed with a simple 'pluggable' architecture, basically it exploits python dynamisms to allow plugging different search backends, nothing fancy, just a way to make it easier to modify.

The frontend is a simple flask application with all static media (except for the search).

The data is pre-populated in the database.

My participation

I did the coding and design (graphic and architecture). Its a simple project, it probably took no more than half hour to code.

What is broken

Nothing that I am aware of, but it was not extensively tested.