Technologies: Java

Status: Complete, No longer maintained.

A test program created for an assignment in distributed systems. It is essentially a chat system that can communicate by TCP, UDP or using an intermediary proxy. It has been architected in such a way that the transport layer is separate from the application.

What works

its simple, call some command lines and start sending data. There is a readme file in Spanish (sorry about that!) that explains more.

The objective

Just showcase the differences between UDP and TCP

More Information

This is a very simple practice to show how to use TCP and UDP sockets in java. What is interesting is that it can be configured so that 2 clients communicate directly, or that they go through a proxy server. Also, the design is protocol independent, so the same code is used for both and just a thin "transport" layer is created.

My participation

I did all the coding and architecting.

What is broken

Very simple program, I bet it will blow up if anything unexpected happens.