Technologies: C++, DirectX

Status: Complete, No longer maintained.

The last project in the Teapot series, this uses a very simplistic phong model and a tessellation shader to render a (very) smooth teapot.

What works

Renders a moving teapot using a tessellation shader, thats about it.

The objective

Learn DX11 by using tessellation, specifically how to use a hull and tessellation shaders.

More Information

It simply renders some teapots using constant tessellation. You can find the code here. The tessellation was done using a bezier algorithm and control points.

Shading was kept simple: a goureaud without texture, the math for the bezier curves was implemented in the shader using matrix multiplications.

This was the final assignment for my computer graphics class.

My participation

In this case I implemented the mathematical transformation (based on the theory), but all the supporting DX11 code was given to us. I cannot claim more credit than that.

What is broken

It may not compile, this repo was assembled from a backup.