sdl2pal / src / palette.c

#include "palette.h"

		Get the specified palette in pat.mkf file.

		[IN] paletteNum - numbe of the palette.
		[IN] isNight - whether use the night palette or not.

	Return value:
		Pointer to the palette. NULL if failed.
SDL_Color *PAL_GetPalette(int paletteNum, bool isNight)

void PAL_SetPalette(int paletteNum, bool isNight);

void PAL_FadeOut(int delay);
void PAL_FadeIn(int paletteNum, bool isNight, int delay);

void PAL_SceneFade(int paletteNum, bool isNight, int step);
void PAL_PaletteFade(int paletteNum, bool isNight, int delay);
void PAL_ColorFade(int delay, Uint8 color, bool isFrom);
void PAL_FadeToRed(void);