GALex pre-alpha release notes

About GALex

GALex stands for 'Genetic Algorithms Library Extended'. As its name
suggests it's a library that provides building blocks for developing genetic algorithms in C++.

About release

This is pre-alpha release of GALex aimed to get feedback from developers.
There are some issues to be resolved, changes to be made and a lot of
testing to be done. This release contains all the features intended for
the final release, but some of them might not actually work. Your feedback is
important, so if you have any questions, please send mail to

Actual TODO list will hopefully come soon.

What is new

GALex is built on an older library simply called "Genetic Algorithms
Library" or "GAL" but with major changes done to the core that simply changing version number was not enough. Some of the major changes:

 - custom fitness/objective values which now supports multi-objective
   optimization [MOO]
 - better support for customization and parallel execution of algorithms
   with workflow concepts implemented by the library
 - added implementations of many popular MOO GAs like NSGA(2), SPEA(2),
   PAES, PESA(2), RDGA... multi-objective optimization
 - framework for implementing multi-population GA and custom migrations
 - better control and support for building custom chromosome
 - many changes to the core and support classes


As it stands now, your best source of information is source code itself
as it contains decent amount of comments. _ALL_ classes, structures,
functions, members, private or public and macros etc. are documented.
HTML documentation (generated from code comments) will come soon. Also
some basic examples are available in the package, but in a mean time you
can look at the article describing internal workings of the previous
library which is available at CodeProject.


Source code is distributed according to GPL2 license. Terms of the
license are available in gpl-2_0.txt file.