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The CodeIgniter Respository

This project is the repository at that will likely act as the central location for holding user-contributed CodeIgniter information.

Why Package Management For CodeIgniter?

There's been a lot of positive feedback surrounding this project, but here are the core reasons that this would be extensively valuable:

  1. The community will be able to more actively contribute to CodeIgniter. Write a great library, and contribute it as a 'spark' for everyone to use.
  2. It's a central place for easy-to-install CodeIgntiter libraries. No more googling, scraping blogs, wikis, and other websites for functionality that might not even work.
  3. The Reactor Core won't have to take on superfluous new libraries. Reactor will stay a light, ultra-fast framework, will developers are free to add on to it via sparks.
  4. will have a rating and comment system. The best libraries will rise to the top, and become featured on the site.

The Management System

The Spark management system is being developed under a second project, at github. That is the actual CLI package manager which one day might be integrated into Reactor (projected for Q2 or Q3).

Project Info & Management

This project is currently managed via the publicly-visible getsparks lighthouse account.

Getting Set Up Locally

This is a standard CodeIgniter App.

  1. Clone the repository into a webroot of yours
  2. Set up your database (latest schema is in sql/)
  3. Edit your database.php and config.php configurations

GetSparks Team

This project was originally started by Kenny Katzgrau and John Crepezzi, but has grown. Members of the project team include:

If you'd like to join, send an email explaining why to


Follow Kenny or John on Twitter for updates. We'll announce and evangelize.


  • Alpha Release, week of Feb 21st, 2011.
  • Beta Release, unscheduled
  • Full Public Release, unscheduled
  • Reactor Integration, unscheduled


To hear Kenny & John talk about why CodeIgniter needs this, check out this podcast: Episode #2: CodeIgniter Reactor, and Our Devious Plans