Moinmoin Administration & Editing Scripts

This repository contains several shell, perl, and python scripts for
maintaining and editing a moinmoin wiki, specifically the WineWiki at They could probably use a bit more testing so
make sure they do what you want before running them. Also, they were
designed with moinmoin versions 1.5 and 1.9 in mind so later versions
might have features that make these scripts irrelevant.

This code has been released under the GPLv2.

List of Files
archive.cron    - Cron job meant to separately archive wiki pages,
                    user data, and logs.
clean-wiki.cron - Cron job for performing some garbage collection on a
                    v1.9 moinmoin wiki.  - Brief perl script for tweaking list of files for
                    deletion. Used by clean-wiki & sweep-once. - Python program for mass-converting HTML tables to
                    moinmoin tables, with user input.
README          - This file.   - Perl script for splitting moinmoin logs into
                    separate files, each covering a certain length of
                    time. Used by archive and sweep-once.   - One time shell script for cleaning out a moinmoin
                    v1.5 wiki before updating to a newer version.
tar-exclude     - File exclusion list for archiving the wiki. Used by
                    the archive cron job.