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rglclock is a rotating 3D clock program using Mesa/OpenGL and GTK+.

rglclock just starts with a stationary clock like traditional clock
programs, but by dragging within the clock window, you can start the
clock rotating in the direction you drag.  Any additional drag changes
the direction of the rotation.  The longer you drag, the faster the
clock rotates.


Building rglclock requires a recent C++ compiler, GTK 1.2, and Mesa or
OpenGL libraries.

* C++ compiler

rglclock is written in C++.  The compiler must support exception
handling.  GCC 2.95 or 3.0 should work, and actually were used for
development.  GCC 2.8.* may work but is not tested.  GCC 2.7.* does not

* GTK+ 1.2

rglclock uses GTK+ 1.2 for its user interface.

* Mesa or OpenGL

rglclock uses either Mesa or OpenGL for 3D rendering.  The configure
script in this package always prefers OpenGL to Mesa, as OpenGL is
supposed to be faster.

* libxml (optional)

rglclock uses libxml to save runtime options.  If it is not available
at configure time, all options' settings will be transient.


This package uses a GNU-style configure script.  Common instructions
for compiling and installing the program are described in INSTALL file
in this directory.

For configuration options specific to this package, run the configure
script with argument --help.


The Japanese message catalogue for rglclock is installed under
directory ja.eucJP.  If you cannot use locale ja_JP.eucJP for some
reason, set LANGUAGE instead to include ja_JP.eucJP in your
environment to get Japanese messages.


The latest information about rglclock will be available at:

<URL:http://www.hypercore.co.jp/rglclock/> (Japanese) and
<URL:http://www.hypercore.co.jp/rglclock/en.html> (English).

New releases and snapshots will also be available there.


Send any comments or bug reports to a developers' mailing list,

You can join the list by sending a message with a word `subscribe' in
the Subject to <rglclock-request@lists.hypercore.co.jp>.

$ProjectHeader: rglclock 2.88 Thu, 20 Mar 2008 21:23:06 +0900 kazssym $