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ingress intel total conversion (IITC)

Since the breunigs IITC branch was deleted, I've created this one to continue some development.


Just want to download/install IITC? Go to http://iitc.jonatkins.com/

For keeping up with the latest news, release announcements, etc, Follow IITC on G+ https://plus.google.com/105383756361375410867/posts

If you have questions, need help or advice with IITC, the Google+ community is a good place to start. https://plus.google.com/communities/105647403088015055797

Want to report a bug? Post it to the issues page https://github.com/jonatkins/ingress-intel-total-conversion/issues


This Github page is for those interested in developing IITC further.


To build the browser scripts from source you will need Python (either a late version 2.x, or 3.0+). It should build correctly on Linux and Windows (and, probably, Macs, FreeBSD, etc)

Fork this project, clone to your local machine.

Run the build.py local script to build the code.

If all goes well, output of the build will end up in build/local subfolder.

You can create a custom build settings file, localbuildsettings.py - look in the supplied buildsettings.py for details.


To build the mobile app, along with python, you will need

  • The Java JDK (development kit - the runtime JRE is not enough)
  • The Android SDK

Run ``build.py mobile``` to build IITC Mobile in debug mode.

Note that part of the build.py process includes copying the IITC script files into the mobile/res subfolder. If this isn't done (e.g. you build IITC Mobile directly from Eclipse) you will end up with a broken build.