Version .14

An interactive command line program for posting tweets on 
By Jason White for The Geek Group


TwittShell is licensed under the Modified BSD License see LICENSE for more 

To run TwittShell you MUST install the following Python modules

	* python-oath2
	* httplib2
	* simplejson
	* python-twitter
	* setup-tools

They are included in the ./dependencies folder follow their README files to 
properly install the modules. Basically all you need to do is just run
in the respective folders as root

==Using This Script With Your Account==

go to Click on "Register A New App" fill in the 
required information, remembering to give it read and write access. When your 
done you should be able to go to "Your Apps" and click on the app you registered
. There should be some information listed on the application page copy
"Consumer key" and "Consumer secret" then paste it into the appropriate global 
variables listed at the top of the script, Repeat this on the "My Access Token" 
Page with the variables access_key and access_secret. It should look something 
like this. 

<in lines 40-43> 
*40* consumer_key = '2x0h71VcEAk2dAdf886HmA'
*41* consumer_secret = 'WWsaaEJOzCuRtUxhR2kU6LShZNyNBSufuKod91N1U'
*42* access_key = '254290857-CrESL7rXpjMlJnaCqlTwANYS2J4dRObMbdqLTcM'
*43* access_secret = 'voHU42UTprwkfEofwXFWtxnfUumwlxKMdAUB8fouIA'