XBMC-XML2PO 0.96 by Team XBMC 2012

This command-line utility is for converting XBMC strings.xml files into strings.po
and strings.pot files used from XBMC Frodo and can be used directly in
any web based community driven translation system, like Transifex.

Usage: xbmc-xml2po -s <sourcedirectoryname> (-p <projectname>) (-v <version>)
 -s <name> for source root language directory, which contains the language dirs

The source directory for addons should be where the addon.xml file exists
For core language file, use the main xbmc source tree as a directory

Note for Windows users: In case you have whitespace or any special character
in any of the arguments, please use apostrophe around them. For example:
xbmc-xml2po.exe -s "C:\xbmc dir\"

With any issues, please report to alanwww1@xbmc.org

Version History:
0.8  - Initial version, working on Linux, Windows with batch convert capabilities
0.9  - Addded automatic conversion to utf8, format long lines with breaking them,
       write plural form into language file.
0.95 - Handle new format (id in msgctx field) PO files, reverted line breaking
0.96 - Parsing of addon.xml file to automatic get of project data
       Handling of addons with no translatable files
       Processing language files in alphabetical order