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fixes bug

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   cinst vim
   cinst ruby
-  cinst ruby.devkit #didn't work!
+  #cinst ruby.devkit #didn't work!
   cinst console2
-  cinst 7zip
+  #cinst 7zip
   cinst sysinternals
-  cinst
-  cinst adobereader
+  #cinst
+  #cinst adobereader
   cinst linqpad4
-  cinst virtualclonedrive
+  #cinst virtualclonedrive
   cinst git
 if ($all -or $prefs) {
   write-host "cloning preferences repositories..."
-  if (-not (test-path "\projects")) { mkdir "\projects" |> $null }
+  if (-not (test-path "\projects")) { mkdir "\projects" > $null }
   pushd "\projects"
   clone-or-pull "hg-prefs"
   clone-or-pull "posh-prefs"
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