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This is an example project demonstrating how to use RSpec and IronRuby to test .NET code.

The tests are located in Specs/examples. Take a look at Specs/rakefile to see examples of how to run the tests.

Hopefully I'll be writing a blog post soon that details some getting started steps.

Getting Started

Required steps:

  1. Install IronRuby
  2. Run "igem install rspec"
  3. Run "igem install rake"

Running the tests:

Now you can open cmd (or PowerShell) and cd into the Specs folder and type .\irake -T to see all the tasks. .\irake testenv is the one you should start with.

Running rake with Ruby:

You can also run rake with Ruby instead of IronRuby and it will shell out to IronRuby. Just make sure you have rake and rspec installed.

Here's some issues that I still want to learn about:

  1. Hooking in a debugger: ironruby wiki
  2. IronRuby/RSpec and -X:PrivateBinding bug: stackoverflow posting
  3. Caricature for mocking vs. Moq: Caricature