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Added sample build.bats, modifed snippets

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+REM Place this file next your .sln
+"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" Sample.sln /Build Debug
+REM If you're using VS express the command is VCSExpress.exe


+REM Place this file next to your rakefile and update the parameters to the rake command as needed
+REM If you are using albacore do build your .sln file, your project files must contain <GenerateFullPaths>True</GenerateFullPaths> in the common PropertyGroup
+rake debug


 	/// <created>`strftime("%d/%m/%Y")`</created>
-snippet classmap
+snippet mapclass 
 	public class ${1:ClassToMap}Map : ClassMap<$1>
 		public $1Map()
+snippet mapid
+	Id( x => x.Id ).GeneratedBy.Identity();
+snippet maphasmany
+	HasMany( x => x.${1} )
+		.Access.ReadOnlyPropertyThroughCamelCaseField( Prefix.Underscore )
+		.Cascade.AllDeleteOrphan()
+		.Inverse();
+snippet mapref
+	References( x => x.${1} );
+snippet mapdiscrim
+	DiscriminalSubClassesOnColumn( "Type" );
+snippet mapaudit
+	Map( x => x.CreatedBy );
+	Map( x => x.CreatedOn );
+	Map( x => x.LstUpdatedBy );
+	Map( x => x.LstUpdatedOn );
+snippet map
+	Map( x => x.${1} );
 snippet specclass
 	[Subject( ${1} )]
 	public class when_${2}
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