Keith Bourgoin avatar Keith Bourgoin committed 363a18c

Fixing changeset layout issues with either comment or author are long.

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         h2 {
             width: 680px;
             color: @c-light;
+            float: left;
+            a {
+                margin-left: 5px;
+            }
+            span {
+                float: left;
+                margin-left: 5px;
+            }
             .desc {
                 color: @c-dark;
-                max-width: 500px;
+                max-width: 645px;
                 display: inline-block;
-                overflow: hidden;
-                text-overflow: ellipsis;
-                height: 20px;
+                margin-bottom: 5px;
         .committer-avatar {


         <div class="patch"><a href="/changeset/{{ utils['node_short'](rev.node()) }}/patch/">Download Patch &darr;</a></div>
-            {{ rev.rev() }}:
+            <span class="rev">{{ rev.rev() }}:</span>
             <span class="desc">{{ rev.description().splitlines()[0] }}</span>
-            <span class="by">by</span>
-            <a href="mailto:{{ utils['email'](rev.user()) }}">{{ utils['person'](rev.user()) }}</a>
+            <span class="author">
+                by
+                <a href="mailto:{{ utils['email'](rev.user()) }}">{{ utils['person'](rev.user()) }}</a>
+            </span>
         {% if utils['len'](rev.description().splitlines()) > 1 %}
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