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Added tag 0.7 for changeset aae10791d184
Updated install documents to state explicitly that pyaeso is python 3 compatible.
Removed examples from documentation; it was too complicated for example docs.
Updated install.txt to reflect new Python 3 compatibility.
Removed deprecated ETS functions.
Added csd-err.log.bz2 resource for tests.
Updated release notes.
Updated with release notes.
Updated CHANGES.txt with release notes.
Updated CSD parser to convert total net generation values of '-' to 'None'.
examples/ now uses aeso.asset functions insteas of older ets.* functions.
Added test/ to manage test resources.
Reduced size of atcdump test; removed a disused test resource.
Updated atc file parsing to skip blank lines (aeso/
Added 0.7 release to CHANGES.txt.
Added support for washing code through 2to3 on installation.
Updated aeso/ doctests for 2to3 python3 compatibility.
Updated test_examples for 2to3 python3 compatibility.
Removed examples/ because its dependencies made it an unsuitable example.
Updated examples/ for 2to3 python 3 compatibility.
Updated examples/ for 2to3 python 3 compatibility.
Updated examples/ for 2to3 python3 compatibility.
Updated aeso/ doctests.
Updated admin/source/release.txt
Updated doc/source/ version and copyright information.
Removed all ATC functions from ets. They had been marked as deprecated since pyaeso 0.5.
Updated to handle ATC format change by AESO.
Updated copyright messages on files.
Removed unused library test/
Updated test infrastructure to use unittest.main.
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