DST handling in AESO marginal pool price report.

kc avatarkc created an issue

In the marginal pool price data find the following irregularity:

"09/01/2004 03","02:02","11.00" "09/01/2004 03","02:00","11.01" "09/01/2004 02","01:41","11.01" "09/01/2004 02","01:20","11.03" "09/01/2004 02","01:00","20.01" "09/01/2004 01","24:26","11.02" "09/01/2004 01","24:17","11.02" "09/01/2004 01","24:15","11.02" "08/31/2004 24","24:00","72.50" <==== "08/31/2004 24","24:00","11.04" <=== "09/01/2004 01","24:00","11.04" <== What's going on here? "08/31/2004 24","24:00","11.02" <=== "08/31/2004 24","23:00","11.04" <==== "08/31/2004 23","22:52","11.04"

Unit tests for this are temporarily disabled until sense can be made of the data.

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