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Lim SQ
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upload was working perfectly.. but the select image buttons doesnt work after upload. why ?

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  1. Lim SQ reporter

    Hi kevin ,

    yes , the thumbnails been created correctly . i'm testing it on localhost.. is it possible to set the permissions ? sorry i'm new to this..this probably is a dumb question to u. the "select“ buttons doesnt pass the Image Url

  2. Kevin Chan repo owner

    If the filebrowser is generating the thumbnails then it may not be a permissions problem since it's able to save the image files.

    What are you filebrower configurations in your Django settings?

    You should have a set of thumbnail sizes and also a list of what to display in the admin interface. For example:

        'thumb_square': {
            'verbose_name': 'Square Thumb',
            'width': 100,
            'height': 100,
            'opts': ['crop', 'upscale']
        'small': {
            'verbose_name': 'Small',
            'width': 245,
            'height': 138,
            'opts': ['crop', 'upscale']
        'medium': {
            'verbose_name': 'Medium',
            'width': 500,
            'height': 280,
            'opts': ['crop', 'upscale']
        'large': {
            'verbose_name': 'Large',
            'width': 600,
            'height': '',
            'opts': ['crop', 'upscale']
        'insert_1': {
            'verbose_name': 'Image Insert Size 1',
            'width': 200,
            'height': '',
            'opts': ['crop', 'upscale']
        'insert_2': {
            'verbose_name': 'Image Insert Size 2',
            'width': 300,
            'height': '',
            'opts': ['crop', 'upscale']
        'thumb_square', 'small', 'medium', 'large',
        'insert_1', 'insert_2'
  3. Lim SQ reporter

    yes.. all the thumbnail show without errors. rename delete all functions works fine too.. but when i trying to click on the select buttons , nothing happen. it doesnt pass the Image URL. these are the only things i configured in Django Settings : FILEBROWSER_MEDIA_URL = '/static/' FILEBROWSER_URL_FILEBROWSER_MEDIA = MEDIA_ROOT+'/filebrowser/' FILEBROWSER_URL_TINYMCE = "/static/js/tiny_mce/" FILEBROWSER_PATH_TINYMCE = "js/tiny_mce/" FILEBROWSER_DIRECTORY='uploads/'

  4. Kevin Chan repo owner

    Try creating the dict of thumbnails to create (FILEBROWSER_VERSIONS) and set the FILEBROWSER_ADMIN_VERSIONS list -- this will tell filebrowser to display the thumbnail versions.

  5. Lim SQ reporter

    yes i'm using the filebrowser as a tinymce plugin

    yes the thumbnails urls are correct.

    i'm actually just remove the previously filebrowser with grappelli and install urs version.

    the broken image cannot be shown its because i correct the icons url .

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