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`run_logcheck` is a simple wrapper script to check for a running
logcheck process before starting a new one. This is used to prevent
the annoying dogpiling effects of having logcheck processes running
one after another and using up CPU and memory resources on a server.

Current version: 0.1.5

## Installation

    cd to run-logcheck directory

The installation script will copy the `run_logcheck` script to:


## How to Use

Update your `/etc/cron.d/logcheck` cronjob by substituting the default
cron task with a task to execute `run_logcheck`:

    @reboot         logcheck    /usr/local/sbin/run_logcheck -R
    2 * * * *       logcheck    /usr/local/sbin/run_logcheck

## Contact


* Kevin Chan <>
* [](