Server Audit Helpers: README

Latest version: 0.3.9
Author: Kevin Chan

This package resides at:

What is This Repository For?

The package is a set of wrapper scripts to help you run security audit tools to scan your servers. There are default wrapper scripts to run the following tools -- note: you must also install these tools on your server:

  • lynis
  • lsat
  • rkhunter

The main run_audit script

This is a wrapper script to run security tools and email the output to system administrators.

The dummy script

A "dummy" script template is included as an example of how to create a new sub-script to use with the main run_audit script.

The following are installed but disabled (in the "bin/disabled" folder):

  • chkrootkit
  • tripwire

Again, IMPORTANT: The security tools must be already installed on your server for the wrapper scripts to work.

How to Install the Package

You must have root privileges to install and use the audit scripts.

The following example commands will download the audit scripts to a directory called packages in /usr/local/src,

cd /usr/local/src
[ ! -d "packages" ] && sudo mkdir packages

Clone the hg repository from

sudo hg clone

Or unpack tarball into your server's source directory (this example uses a directory called packages in /usr/local/src):

cd /usr/local/src/packages
sudo tar -xvzf audit.tar.gz

cd into audit tools directory and run the install script:

cd server-audit-helpers
sudo ./install-scripts
# or, use the -y/--yes option to bypass the prompt
sudo ./install-scripts -y

The script will install the audit scripts in /usr/local/audit.

Now, edit the configurations file located in /etc/audit:

cd /etc/audit
sudo vi run_audit.conf

Customize the settings in the run_audit.conf configuration file according to your local server setup. Be sure to add your sysadmin email address to RECIPIENTS so the audit scripts can send you the reports:


Be sure to add a logrotate task for the audit logs (by default these are located in /var/log/audit):

sudo vi /etc/logrotate.d/audit

Enter the following tasks in the file:

/var/log/audit/*.log {
    rotate 30
    create 640 root adm

How to Use

Note: The run_audit script must be run by root.

You can run the top-level wrapper script on the command line:

sudo /usr/local/audit/bin/run_audit

Or, most likely you would want to create a cron task to run the script at regular intervals:

sudo crontab -e


# run security audit tools each night
0 0 * * *  /usr/local/audit/bin/run_audit > /dev/null 2>&1

Or run using the "at" daemon:

echo /usr/local/audit/bin/run_audit | sudo at 12am

To execute individual scripts by specifying them as parameters to the run_audit script:

sudo /usr/local/audit/bin/run_audit lynis
sudo /usr/local/audit/bin/run_audit lsat
sudo /usr/local/audit/bin/run_audit rkhunter lsat lynis

You can also add custom audit scripts to the /usr/local/audit/bin directory. Use the dummy script in /user/local/audit/bin as a template.


If you have questions about this package, please contact Kevin Chan at