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Commented out virtualenvwrapper variables since I've decided not to use it anymore

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 #export PATH="${HOME}/eclipse/allbuttonspressed/debug_toolbar:$PATH"
 #end django_debug_toolbar
-#Environment setup for virtualenv
+#Environment setup for virtualenvwrapper
 #/usr/local/bin/python is a symlink to python2.7; that's where the site-packages for virtualenv lives.  I might want to upgrade to 2.7 when i get a chance.
 # source = run.  export = make variable available globally. ${VARIABLE_NAME} = value of VARIABLE_NAME and {} are used to separate it from adjacent characters.
 #export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs   # default  
-export PROJECT_HOME=$HOME/workspace
+#export PROJECT_HOME=$HOME/workspace
 #override default python interpreter and specify my own
-export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON="/usr/local/bin/python2.7"
-export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_VIRTUALENV="/usr/local/bin/virtualenv"
+#export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON="/usr/local/bin/python2.7"
+#export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_VIRTUALENV="/usr/local/bin/virtualenv"
 # set virtualenv arg value to --no-site-packages to ensure that all new environments are isolated from the system site-packages directory.
-export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_VIRTUALENV_ARGS='--no-site-packages'
-source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh
+#export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_VIRTUALENV_ARGS='--no-site-packages'
+#source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh
 #end virtualenv
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