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- Dot files and directories in home folder are soft linked to the actual files
  in this repository. Run ~/dot-files/scripts/ to set

- The .hgrc file in this repo is the actual per-user config file that belongs
  in $HOME.  It references a .hgignore file in this repository via an absolute
  path since .hgrc does not support relative paths; therefore, the path to
  .hgignore is hard coded to ~/dot-files/.hgignore.  This should not be
  problematic as long as the name of this repo (and directory) remains the

- Likewise, .gitconfig belongs in $HOME but it references the .gitignore_global
  file which is in ~/dot-files/.  Make sure to change .gitconfig if moving this
  file to another machine with different user name.

- xorg files should go into /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ Make sure the prefix
  numbers are valid with respect to existing xorg.conf files.
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