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PyPy: Python in Python Implementation

Welcome to PyPy!

PyPy is both an implementation of the Python programming language, and an extensive compiler framework for dynamic language implementations. You can build self-contained Python implementations which execute independently from CPython.

The home page is:

The getting-started document will help guide you:

It will also point you to the rest of the documentation which is generated from files in the pypy/doc directory within the source repositories. Enjoy and send us feedback!

the pypy-dev team <>

Recent activity

Karl Ramm

Karl Ramm pushed 11 commits to kcr/pypy

5ad6caf - Accepting that CTX_get_options was signed was causing headaches
1ea72a9 - tests for STL map and allow iterations over std::pair
4b24eca - (fijal, wlav) in-progress malloc_varsize
fc93483 - broadcast only when needed, fix compress for nd array with no axis arg (rguillebert, mattip)
628865d - wip
Karl Ramm

Karl Ramm pushed 1 commit to kcr/pypy

173c519 - for the series "how could this have ever worked?": distutils.unixcompiler needs to know the CC to determine the correct linker parameters
Karl Ramm

Karl Ramm pushed 1 commit to kcr/pypy

979b3dd - python3 ssl constructor actually raises ValueError on illegal protocol
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