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Carl Friedrich Bolz  committed 51ddba0

add an assert to the object list strategy that it is not switching to itself.
This assert failed when going via the generic setitem_str, which I also fixed.

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File pypy/objspace/std/dictmultiobject.py

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     def w_keys(self, w_dict):
         return self.space.newlist(self.unerase(w_dict.dstorage).keys())
+    def setitem_str(self, w_dict, s, w_value):
+        self.setitem(w_dict, self.space.wrap(s), w_value)
+    def switch_to_object_strategy(self, w_dict):
+        assert 0, "should be unreachable"
 class StringDictStrategy(AbstractTypedStrategy, DictStrategy):