Recograph with Neo4j

Setting up for slides authoring

In order to fully enjoy slides authoring you will have to install few small bits of software, here and there.

First of all make sure that you have all necessary asciidoctor packages:

sudo gem install asciidoctor asciidoctor-diagram pygments.rb slim

and next make sure that your have all necessary Python packages so you can enjoy live preview:

sudo pip install livereload sh pygments

Once this is installed on your machine, just lunch live preview script:


and point your browser at http://localhost:5500/slides.html and open src/main/asciidoc/slides.adoc in editor of your choice, every time your save the file, it will be automatically processed by asciidoctor and slides will be reloaded in browser, saves a couple of keystrokes. Enjoy!

Importing GMail

Go to and change mail address, password and you can also define which folders are you going to import. Once it is done, build whole project:

mvn package

and then run time import:

java -cp target/recograph-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Last thing you have to to is wait :). For 15k messages, depending on connection speed it can take around 40 minutes (yeah, IMAP is slow as hell).

It will create Neo4j database in mails directory in the root of the project.

Maybe someday will have time to make this import more fancy :)