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How about some actual instructions for usage? I've got your .a library file compiled, but I can't seem to import anything. I have no idea what to import, I've tried #import <XMLRPC/xxxx.h> just <xxx.h> and all sorts of other combinations. Can you give a quick step by step on how we can include this in our projects? Thanks

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  1. Anonymous

    I had to remove the "XMLRPC/" of all the #import statements in the xmlrpc.h file and pull all the XMLRPCxxx.h/m files into my project.

  2. Tom Griffin

    I point to location of project a deployment directory (headers) to Search Path in project settings either:

    as Header Search Paths, if used as <a/a.h> or into User Header Search Paths, if used as "a/a.h"

    so, you have to put in Header Search Paths something like this "$(SRCROOT)/ProjName/Frameworks/XMLRPC"

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