Favorite Quotes from Bitbuckeneers

This page lists the favorite quotes from any Bitbuckeer that cares to contribute. This is a family-oriented site, so only post stuff you are comfortable showing to your family. If your family is seriously abnormal, my condolences, and I'm going to reject your sadly twisted pull request.

To add a quote, edit editme.html. Please do not edit any other files.

The page is hosted under:

Images are encouraged, but should not be committed to this repo. So please link directly to externally hosted content.

The editme.html is in XHTML format. This is a little stricter than HTML and among other things requires every tag to be explicitly closed. For the <img /> tag that means is MUST end with />.

Please don't change another user's quote as I'll reject that as well. After all, some quotes are meaningful to the people who submit them.

NOTE: For some reason many editors are placing an additional space before the start tag for the file <!--. This causese our parser to reject the pull request. You can check for this error after you push your change to your repository by doing the following.

  1. Click Source.
  2. Click the editme.html file.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Look for a red dot next to the start tag <!--.

    a. If there is a red dot, place your cursor between it and the <!-- and press backspace or delete to remove the extra space.

    b. If there is no red dot you should be fine.

  5. Click Commit if you made a change or Cancel if you did not.

Bonus! you just learned how to use the Bitbucket online editor.